Worship Services

Sunrise Ministry

A rotating group of Lay Eucharistic Ministers from our parish lead a Sunday service at Sunrise Assisted Living Facility.  The Eucharistic elements are consecrated at the 9am service and the worship leaders for Sunrise are sent forth to lead the service at the assisted living facility.

Sunday Services with Eucharist*

We are currently holding one service on Sundays, at 9 am. This service typically uses Rite II, although it may be alternated with other liturgies. We have resumed organ and choir for this service following Covid restrictions in place earlier.

* Holy Eucharist - In the Episcopal Church we believe that baptism is full initiation into the Body of Christ so that all baptized people (even our youngest members) have access to the means of grace including the Holy Eucharist.  Our children learn and are nurtured in their faith by gathering with the family of God at God's table and being fed with the holy food of Jesus' body and blood.  Most of our children will grow up never remembering a time when they weren't included in this sacred meal.  However, parents are free to choose when their children begin to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion. Some, especially those who have a Roman Catholic background, choose to have their children wait until they have received instruction in the meaning of the sacrament and then celebrate a day of First Communion.

Additional Services

We celebrate all major church holidays.  Some with multiple services, such as Good Friday, have two services while Christmas has three services.  For major feast days, we enrich our worship with incense.  Every Sunday you can hear bells at the consecration. In October each year we hold a pet blessing service.