Annunciation is a place where music and liturgy come to life and are carefully planned by our Music and Liturgy Team. Each service is met with thoughtfulness, prayer, and the Gospel, to ensure we are leaving in a way to proclaim the Gospel into the world. The Parish Choir rehearses before and after the service to insure they are continually growing as musicians and are leading the congregation in song in a compelling way. The congregation is treated like a choir at Annunciation, and they sing with passion and enthusiasm.​

Music is one of the vital elements of our worship at Annunciation. Under the direction of Kay Sutton and Betsy Donegan, we aim to offer music that glorifies God, connects us more profoundly to the liturgy of the Church, and pleases our diverse ears.

Music at Church of the Annunciation

Outside of Sunday morning services, we offer lots of different ways that all can participate in music: Chorale Evensongs, Beer and Hymns, and Concerts are just some of the fabulous events that we host seasonally.​