The Rev. Linda Lutter, Deacon

Linda has been a parishioner at Annunciation for over 40 years.  She has been on every committee (except Finance because she would probably give all the money away).  She has been a Jr. Warden and Sr. Warden and has served as an acolyte and Eucharistic Minister for over 25 years  (it  would have been longer but the very early priests at Annunciation did not believe women should serve at the altar ... just clean and polish it! ... we've come a long way).  In the meantime she has helped initiate several outreach ministries at Annunciation. 

Over 10 years ago the people of Annunciation agreed to sponsor a Sunday service at Sunrise Assisted Living in Gurnee.  It started with a once a month service, then became every Sunday.  Teams go there every Sunday and officiate the service which includes communion from the reserved sacrament.  Linda pushed for this ministry because she could not imagine not being able to attend church on Sundays, especially if you have been going all your life, a change of residency shouldn't change that.

Another ministry that she helped develop was visiting the homebound.  She started doing this when the congregation was in clergy transition and there was no priest to make visits.  She did this for a while and then reached out to the parishioners to see if they would like to make visits.  We now have four teams that take turns monthly visiting the homebound or those who are in the hospital.

Linda was always interested in the deaconate since there has been a deacon attending their church. One day someone suggested that perhaps she should become a deacon, so in 2009 Linda started the discernment process.  After classes, internship, and hospital work she was ordained in 2014.  Every Sunday she sets the table, reads the Gospel, dismisses the people, and once a month delivers the sermon. 

She has been married to Glenn for over 40 years and they have 2 children Craig (Kelly, his girlfriend)  and Ricki (Elliot, her husband).  Both are living in the area with their loved ones.  Ricki and Elliot have made Glenn and Linda grandparents with their son Noah!!!  Linda held a full time job for over 20 years at Abbott Laboratories and retired 2016.