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Mutual Ministry

Part of the story of our relational parish is our enthusiasm for mutual ministry. Several years ago we added a dimension to our parish organization that is a valued enhancement to our “bottom-up” structure. A few times a year, interested members of the parish gather and make a plan for the next season of the church year. The meeting is run in a town-hall style, with the senior warden leading the often laughter-filled discussion. The rector serves as a resource and active participant. We take the calendar month by month and discuss what has happened in the past, what has worked, what hasn’t, and what ideas individuals may have for the future.
“Let’s have a wine-tasting dinner!” “I loved the Seder we had last Maundy Thursday.” “We need a leader for the plant sale.” “Not enough people volunteered to clean up after the spaghetti supper!”
Great things have come from this process. Newcomers have an automatic and easy opportunity to get oriented and incorporated into the life of the church. We break out of the mindset of “This is how we’ve always done it.”

New leaders are given the opportunity to lead with, or instead of, the veterans—a process that helps diminish burnout. It is an opportunity to publicize different ministries and to coordinate with complementary ministries. People are held accountable for their suggestions. Our motto is “I will” rather than “We should.”